An article in yesterday’s Irish Independent highlighted the need for change in HSE food advice. John McKenna, stalwart campaigner for Irish produce, has called for a need to re-examine the advice on daily diet, warning that modern illnesses are directly related to poor diet. Mr McKenna also points out that the well known Food Pyramid, which shows what proportion of each category of food should be consumed daily and has been used in schools, hospitals and health centres for many years, has been shown to be wrong.  The argument for natural fats was also raised, with Mr McKenna saying these are fats 'our bodies need'. He struck out at  HSE advice to choose low fat and dairy spreads in place of natural fats. In an ideal Food Pyramid, John McKenna said the base should be formed by 'vegetables, organic unprocessed fruits and seaweeds', replacing the potatoes, cereal and bread that currently features on the bottom of the Pyramid.  In today’s modern world, where  the wealth of diet and nutrition knowledge held by experts is at it's height, and evidence that diet can and does effect long term health – is it time to change the way we think about what we eat?