Give Your Greens A Little Oomph | Paul Flynn’s Trick of the Trade

Paul Flynn from The Tannery in Dungarvan, gives us some insight into his kitchen tricks with this blog about giving greens a little something extra!

When we speak to our world class Head Chefs we like to ask them what little secrets they use to pep up their cooking. We recently spoke to the famous Paul Flynn of The Tannery for our How to Become a Chef blog. During our chat, he was kind enough to give us a little tip about using seasonal greens.

Paul is a family man, and likes to feed his daughters healthily. This is a tip he uses professionally and at home and it’s one we can all put to good use.

Paul says ‘I love to serve cooked fresh greens. These can be anything from seasonal purple sprouting broccoli or spring cabbage out now, to more exotic summer peas and sugar snaps. I start by slicing a garlic clove very thinly and cooking it in olive oil till it’s just pale golden. Then I add a generous amount of butter to melt, followed by my prepared raw greens. I turn them in the butter and oil mix to start them cooking, then pour over about half a cup of water.

Next I put a lid on the pan and I steam them till just tender. What happens is you get a buttery roast garlic emulsion in the pan and the veggies steam in this so you keep all the flavours in. You can also vary it by adding ginger or chilli or using different greens as they come on stream in the season. Shredded young cabbage is really good cooked this way. You don’t need to boil it in a big pan of water as is the traditional thinking. This method of cooking retains taste and texture. Fresh green vegetables cooked like this will go with any meal.’

Now you know how to make the most of the greens that will be available during this year’s growing season! Paul is a mine of information on simple little things that make your home cooking so much tastier. His sessions at The Tannery Cookery School are packed with solid cooking advice and little special tips like this. Delivered in his approachable, gentlemanly style. We'll certainly be getting the pan out for this one. Where's that cabbage…