Wow! Look at this monster! Delivered to the kitchen at Rathmullan House in Co. Donegal. This halibut weighs in at a massive 68kg – that’s some size of a fish – just over ten stone of tastiness! This is definitely the one that didn’t get away!  It took four grown men to lift this baby up for the picture, as you can see above. Rathmullan House is known for it’s use of fresh seasonal produce. This fish captures the very essence of the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland’s designated coastal route, bathed by the majestic waters of the Atlantic,  on which Rathmullan lies. Halibut is firm and meaty and works exceptionally well with summer’s fresh herbs like dill, fennel, chives and parsley, and citrus flavours of lime or lemon.  A short distance from Rathmullan,  Killybegs on the Donegal coast,  is the largest fishing port in Ireland, landing a variety of seasonal fish from the Atlantic every day. This time of year, expect tuna, mackerel, turbot, brill,  haddock, hake, monkfish, sole, lemon sole and whiting. In the little bays and harbours, small boats catch lobster, prawns and crab. Shellfish like mussels and oysters are also farmed here, in the clear, unpolluted waters. A huge selection of freshest fish and shellfish, from one of the best seafood areas in the country. Lucky Donegal. And lucky diners at Rathmullan House, who enjoyed a piece of this fine specimen on their dinner plates at The Cook and Gardener Restaurant! We are very envious!