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Established in 1996, through a love of all things chocolate, Chez Emily is a local chocolatier that combines the very best raw materials, the freshest local ingredients and uses only the highest quality Belgian chocolate. Chez Emily incorporates a lovely shop and cafe where you can browse the tempting chocolate selections and enjoy a complimentary chocolate with any tea or coffee.

Meet The Maker

Chez Emily was established in 1996 by Ferdinand Vandaele and Helena Hemeryck. After gathering experience in the land of chocolate (Belgium), they decided to start their own artisan chocolate outlet in a rural part of Dublin. They offer a selection of 30 different chocolates available throughout the year from their store and cafe.

The story of how Chez Emily was formed proves that chocolate really is the food of love. She was a Dublin born girl in her late teens, taking time out in Belgium. He was a native who always wanted to be a baker, but worked for a bank, and made chocolate in his spare time. When Ferdinand met Helena, he was on his bicycle. Not built for two – but it probably should have been. The pair have been inseparable ever since that day.

Ferdinand Vandaele and Helena Hemeryck now live in a delightful rural area in County Dublin. Their lives are completely centred around all things chocolate. At Chez Emily, established in 1996, they make pure magic from the beans of the cocoa pod. Ferdinand learned his trade beside some of the master Chocolatiers of Belgium – a spare-time job which has turned into a life long love, just like his wife. His professional passions lie in the kitchen, creating the finest chocolates for the Chez Emily range. Dedication to producing the very best shines through in each bite of these artisan chocolates.

Everything is manufactured on-site at the production house at their home in The Ward, County Dublin. Ferdinand uses only the finest Callebaut chocolate from his homeland of Belgium as a base for all his range. For him, this is the best chocolate – the one he has worked throughout his career. White, dark and milk chocolate is tempered in small vats. After that, Irish cream and butter are added according to the individual recipes, and then the skilled work of human hands takes over. Irish whiskey is used for the truffles, Irish fruit pastes for the seasonal flavours, with more than 30 variations of chocolate available.

Chez Emily has perfectly combined the oldest traditions of confectionery making with pure, natural Irish ingredients.

Other Facilities

Chez Emily Chocolates run a thriving cafe and shop in which you can get your fill of their range of delicious handmade chocolates. A must visit for those with a sweet tooth!


Chez Emily Chocolates & Cafe make delicious sustainable chocolates using quality ingredients. Everything is manufactured on site at the production house at their home in The Ward, County Dublin.

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