Bespoke Experience | Local Food and Cooking Adventure | Dublin

A bespoke cooking adventure in the bustle of Dublin City that will take you from vegetable stall to table with Nikki Walsh.

We’re going to take you on a food adventure in the heart of Dublin, where food culture is defined by the passionate people who transform seasonal Irish produce into something special. Nikki Walsh, is one such chef, and she will greet you in the late morning at Donnybrook Fair. Here you will see local food at its best with a guide who will point out exactly what you should be looking for and why.

Nikki will take you through the store, explaining food provenance, artisan Irish produce, and explaining each of the ingredients she places in the basket. This is cooking from start to finish, and at Lady Eve Cookery School run by Nikki, it’s important that all students leave empowered and ready to recreate the experience at home. Once you’ve finished the artisan food shop, you’ll pile back into the cars and head to Nikki’s home.

She’ll invite you inside and sit you down for a chat, some coffee, and a home-baked sweet treat. There’s nothing quite as comforting as Nikki’s sweet treats, you’ll instantly feel at ease and ready to ask any questions that might pop into your head.

After the sweet treat it’s straight to the kitchen, where pots and pans are pulled out for a hands-on cooking course. This will be a 3 course meal that you will be relaxed and easy to recreate. Enjoy Nikki’s humour as she shows you the ropes and makes you feel like cooking is simple. Transform the seasonal loot you brought back from Donnybrook fair into a dining experience.

Once it’s served, kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy each bite of this delicious meal. We’ll drink to that! Share food and memories as you sit around regaling each other with cooking tales and tips, forming the easy sort of camaraderie that comes from cooking a meal together and sharing it.

Before you leave Nikki will present you with a Good Food Ireland Gourmet Gift Box, this will be a little Artisan Treat to sit in your kitchen and remind you of your cooking adventure.

–          Private Tour and Gourmet Shopping Experience at Donnybrook Fair discussing the ingredients for your Cooking Class

–          Welcome Tea & Coffee & Home Baked Treats at Chef Nikki Walsh’s Home

–          Hands-on Cookery Class Experience in Nikki Walsh’s Kitchen, learn what really is Irish Food & Create a 3 Course Meal 

–          Lunch prepared in Class & Glass of Wine

–          Good Food Ireland Gift

–          Ireland Food Travel Map