Cornucopia’s “Your Heart is in Your Hands” talk with Gaye Godkin

A talk about eating for your Heart’s Health by nutritionist Gaye Godkin at Cornucopia.

This is the third in a series of health talks by nutritionist Gaye Godkin taking place at Cornucopia this year. Gaye is famous for her immense nutritional knowledge and evidence based approach to avoiding illness through diet. This talk is all about how your heart health is in your own hands.

You’ll get loads of practical ideas and tips to help you make better choices when eating for your heart. Not only will you get lots of advice, but you’ll enjoy a healthy meal while you’re at it.

The night includes a delicious Vegan and Gluten free Cornucopia meal, complete with salads. Doors open at 7pm and the talk begins at 7.30pm sharp.