We’re all about farmers at Good Food Ireland. So we are delighted to hear  breaking news from the food world  includes a brand new  project based directly on the Irish farming community.  And with a Good Food Ireland chef at it’s helm! Galway’s  Jp McMahon, not content with earning Michelin stars for four years in a row at Aniar, plus running the hugely successful Eat at Massimo gastro pub offering and creating the hugely successful inaugural Food On The Edge Conference 2015,   is now looking to take over Ireland with a brand new fast food initiative. Not just any old fast food though. As with all Jp’s food businesses, the provenance and sourcing of ingredients will be central to the dining experience.

Farmer is set to take over the world of fast food – bringing proper homegrown ingredients to this sector of the market, So that in future,  when you grab a quick meal to go, you’ll know it’s been made from carefully sourced ingredients grown by Ireland’s farmers. Accountability and traceablity are key areas in this new project. Jp says ‘We want to create a food that is modelled on fast food but produced in keeping with a strict philosophy of care and consideration towards the welfare of the land and the animal’. In essence,  this means sourcing directly from farmers who care about animal husbandry and welfare, to create a menu which appeals to consumers in this sector – at the right price.  It’s a big ask, to sway Ireland in the direction of wholesome fast food options which satisfy this criteria and are still affordable for every day dining. But if anyone can do it – Jp can! We want to wish him the best of luck.  If you fancy buying in to this unique idea, you can do so now. Log on to the kickstarter funding page for Farmer on this link. Learn all about the ethos of the project in Jp’s own words, make a funding pledge, and see what you get for your money. But most importantly, be in at the start of a concept which is set to excite the Irish food scene in 2016!