No so very long ago, we mentioned in this blog about former UCC Professor of Mathematics George Boole, known as the father of the digital age. In celebration of the bicentenary of George Boole in 2015, Regina Sexton, food history lecturer and short course-co-ordinator at UCC, and Ireland’s  leading food historian, tells us all about the food of George Boole’s era, in a short video just released. Grab a few moments to watch this riveting little documentary (it takes less than ten minutes), shot in UCC,  where Regina presents,  in her easy to understand style, the foods George Boole would have been enjoying at social occasions, particularly at  the dinner parties of the city’s elite,  during the worst years of the Great Famine period. In writings taken from letters he sent home, George Boole speaks of the lavish food in abundance in some circles, when there was poverty all around.  A great insight into what was being served in the grand houses of Cork at this time.  Regina also introduces us to an unpublished  cookery book from the period, now in archive at UCC’s Boole Library. A handwritten diary of recipes for culinary and medicinal use. From this book, Regina recreates an ancient College Pudding recipe – which hails from the repertoire of great British puddings, but was adopted here by those in wealthy circles.  She aptly renames the dish ‘George Boole’s Sweet Pudding’.

So, take a breather from whatever you are doing, pour yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and take in a little bit of culinary history, as explained by Ireland’s  most accessible and authorative voice on the subject. Step back in time for a few moments with Regina Sexton. We guarantee you’ll enjoy it!