Turns out from our recent Facebook post that gooseberries are quite the fruits of this summer. These traditional berries have made a comeback in popularity, losing their traditional ‘green and hairy’ image for a smart new profile to challenge strawberries and raspberries. This writer well remembers as a child, stealing them from a neighbour’s bush! However there was a price to be paid – there’s no telling what kind of stomach ache ensued from eating berries that weren’t ripe! Gooseberries do have high acidity naturally, however these days cultivation techniques have given them a sweeter nature. Also, the hairs of the gooseberries of old have more or less gone. You might find a  few little fine hairs but these are nothing to be concerned about. Although newer varieties, especially red gooseberries, are sweeter, most people still cook gooseberries with sugar. Poached gently, they make a great filling for a pie or tart. Gooseberry compote also goes well with oily fish like mackerel, or fatty meats like duck, where the natural sharpness is a great foil for the richness.  Check our list of fruit farms for the best summer fruits in season. Join the ranks of our Facebook followers and go green this summer, while the season lasts!