We all love cheese on toast. It ‘s one of the comfort foods of childhood, which turns into ‘ easy to make yourself’  food as a growing teenager. It’s the staple of the young adult going to college or living away from home for the first time. Cheese on toast is the thing you can always stomach after a night on the batter. Later on in life, it’s the one meal you’ve always time to knock up between feeds and nappy changes when there’s a new baby on the scene. It heals broken hearts and melts the cares of life away in one soothing mouthful. Cheese on toast is a lifelong love, a sustaining saviour snack when all else fails.  Americans call it grilled cheese. And in the news today, a New York grilled cheese truck has won a top award for best street fare.

According to the Yahoo news website,  the Vendy Awards Vendy Cup goes to Snowday, a street vendor specialist in  grilled cheese sandwiches made from produce sourced at New York Farms. The secret ingredient is a touch of maple syrup! Yummy. We can imagine the taste of that. As well as producing award winning toasted cheese sandwiches from local ingredients, profits from Snowday go to help formerly incarcerated youths in the city. A double whammy winning combo we think!  Congratulations to them for the enterprising fundraising idea and for bringing an ordinary food into the realms of award winning dining. We are at this moment dying to create their grilled cheese sandwich with one of our Irish farmhouse cheeses, and a drizzle of Highbank Organic Orchard Syrup, made from homegrown apples. We think it beats the socks off maple syrup! And when Snowday discover it, they will be using it too no doubt!