Rademon Estate Distillery & Shortcross Gin

Rademon Estate is known for producing Northern Ireland’s first award winning craft gin – Shortcross Gin

The Rademon Estate in Crossgar, County Down, comes with a rich history, as one of Ireland’s oldest estates with a large house originally built in 1604. Surrounding this family home are beautiful gardens in a naturally sloping terrain with lake and semi walled garden. An obelisk you can see in the distance. It was built in 1864 as a monument to one of the estate’s previous owners, William Sharman Crawford. 

A Chartist, he was involved in the British working-class movement for political reform in the 1800’s. Sharman Crawford was known for his radical views and full support with Daniel O’Connell for Catholic Emancipation and Tenants Rights. 

The estate is now known for producing Northern Ireland’s first award winning craft gin. If you’re into your G&T’s, you’ve probably already heard of it, if not already tried, Rademon Estate Shortcross Gin. This distillery was launched in 2012 by Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong. The name Shortcross is derived from Crossgar, the area where the estate lies. ‘Gar’ is an old Irish word for ‘short’ (Insert gaelic translation piece)

‘Shortcross Gin has been ‘a true love affair for both of us.’ says David. The pair set out to rekindle a distilling tradition dating back centuries in Ireland. David is the Master Distiller at the helm. Quite a fitting role for a man whose childhood was spent living between two former Belfast distilleries at Avoniel and Connswater, in the city that produced 40% of all the whiskey drunk on the British Isles in the early 1900’s. 

Shortcross Gin is distilled on a 4501 bespoke copper pot stil, slowly distilled then hand bottled, dipped in wax and hand-signed. The Boyd-Armstrong’s remember that, in the first days of production, they didn’t even have a box to deliver their first bottles of Shortcross Gin to customers. 

Shortcross Gin is inspired by the rich lush grounds of the Rademon Estate. Wild clover, elderflowers and elderberries are foraged on the estate, to give aromatic and floral notes, apple crispness and sweet juicy hints. The recipe for Shortcross is a well-kept secret, but be assured all the typical botanicals like Juniper, Coriander, Orange and Cassia are alive in every sip. The final, and perhaps most important ingredient, is pure fresh spring water drawn from the historic well at Rademon Estate. Shortcross Gin is a truly artisan crafted product that reflects its place of production. It makes the perfect classic G&T, served with ice and lemon and topped up with the best quality tonic water. Or use it as a base for the many Gin cocktails now so popular. If you want to taste the purity, try a small shot neat on or off the rocks. Savour the complexities of a product made with care, which harks back to history and captures the tastes of its origins completely.