A Special Pink Flamingo Gin for Valentines from Highbank Orchards

A delicious fruity gin that comes beautifully presented for your loved one this Valentines from Highbank Orchards.

February is famously the month for Romance and at High Bank Orchards they take that seriously. They bring out their seasonal Highbank Organic Pink Flamingo Gin for the occasion. This is a true treat for the gin lover in your life.

This is a lovely smooth gin that is smooth over ice with a slice of apple, adds to any cocktail or enjoyed with your favourite tonic. It has strong overtones of apple and juniper, and subtler hints of blackcurrant, cinnamon, coriander, lavender and citrus.

The gin comes beautifully presented in long or heart-shaped bottles, which can be gifted to your loved one. The Highbank Orchard team quirkily mention that no flamingos were hurt in the making of this gin! You can shop for it online here.