The other day, we talked about traditional kale and how it is one of the few fresh greens around this time of year. Coincidentally, one of our award winning retailers of the year has just welcomed a brand new delivery of fresh seasonal greens you might like. Ruth Healy of Urru Culinary Store, in Bandon, West Cork,  always has her finger on the pulse when it comes to seasonal eating. The greengrocer section of the shop changes personality with the time of year. At the moment, these little gems have pride of place on the shelves. What are they? Well, they are known as Flowering Sprouts, grown not far away from the shop, on a family farm in Waterfall, Co. Cork. Little heads of kale-like tender baby greens which you cook and enjoy eating whole. Ruth recommends steaming, then serving with butter, salt and freshly ground black pepper and a little grating of fresh nutmeg. We think we agree with her! After all, she’s an expert cook as well as a top class shopkeeper. You could throw them into stir fries also, for added vits and crunch. If you’re in or around Bandon anytime soon, pop in and grab some of this pretty little winter greens for yourself. We think they will be a popular bestseller, while stocks last!