Talk & Tasting Event at The Bretzel Bakery as part of National Bread Week

Enjoy an evening with the lovely people from The Bretzel Bakery while you learn all you need to know about sourdough bread. All part of National Bread Week!

One of Dublin’s most recognised culinary instititions, The Bretzel Bakery has been a part of Dublin’s history since 1870. Set amongst the city’s old Jewish Quarter, the bakery infuses old and new world techniques when producing their bread. The best example of this is seen through their very own oven, over a hundred years old, instead of replacing the oven they have adapted their tecnques and technology to be able to keep the tradtional operation of bread making. 

Some of the top notch breads produced by The Bretzel Bakery include, continental baguettes, dinner rolls, olive and walnut loaves along with Irish bown soda. For those with a sweet tooth, the bakery also offers a variety of buns, sponges, tarts and cakes, to keep you satisfied.

To celebrate National Bread week, The Bretzel Bakery will be holding a special event!

The Bakery will be hosting a talk and tasting in The Bretzel Bakery & Cafe on Thursday, 8th October from 7pm onwards as part of Real Bread Week.

William will share his ideas on the sourdough process and discuss well made bread with tastings and take home goodies for everyone in the audience!

Their latest voucher, will be available in store to redeem for all of National Bread week. Print it off and bring it with you!

Just easily print off here: Bretzel Free Coffee Voucher

All you bread enthusiasts make sure to mark National Bread Week with The Bretzel Bakery!