Wine Tasting Dinner at Greenacres on Friday 4th March

Treat your mum to an amazing 4 course tasting menu at Greenacres in Wexford.

There's no better way to treat your Mother than with a good nourishing dinner. Think of all those meals she slaved over, and consider taking her out to sample some of the best food our Island has to offer at Greenacres. They will be putting on a delicious tasting menu by Head Chef Richie Trappe and pairing it with matching wines by Donal Morris and James O'Connor.

The dinner will begin at 7.30pm on Friday night, and boy are you in for a treat! The first course if a fancy affair indeed with new season asparagus and a poached duck egg taking centre stage, coupled with some crisp pancetta and some fresh herb hollandaise and you're off to a flavoursome start. Wash it down with a carefully selected glass of Granbazan Albarino 2013. Then sit back, sigh, and wait for round two.

Wexford spring lamb cutlets make a distinguished appearance, and these are artfully presented with some caramelised Jerusalem artichoke, followed by some scintillatingly sautéed broad beans and some Café de Paris Butter. An eloquent dish, that speaks of its heritage on Wexford lands and speaks to a sophistication that Greenacres are famous for. Sip a glass of Bourgogne Passetoutgrain 2012 on the side.

Then, before you have time to think, you're into the cheese course. Try smoked, hand crafted and goats’ cheeses all presented beautifully, with a glass of Vins des Amis 2008 Auguste Clape, a true friend of any cheese lover! Your mother will probably set to roll to bed at this point, but the experience is not over, we'd never suggest you go home without dessert and Greenacres accommodate that need beautifully.

Next in the menu is an elegantly original dessert, savour poached rhubarb and thyme panna cotta, with a little spiced meringue. A truly inspired dessert offering that is made even more indulgent with Buttermilk custard and a glass of Cotes du Layon 2005 Rouliere Phillip Germain.

Now there's a tasting menu to remember, bring your mum along this Mother's Day, for a treat she won't forget.