Irish Wedding Traditions

Irish Wedding Traditions

Immediate Release - June 2021

The big day in a couple’s lives is laden with customs and superstitions!! Many of them have been forgotten in the process of planning this major celebration. But there are some worthy of being included if you want a traditional Irish ceremony.

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An old Irish proverb says that the best time to marry is on a ‘growing moon and a flowing tide.’ Award-winning Good Food Ireland wedding locations like Harvey’s Point make this one easy to plan – you can see the moon over the Lough from the beautiful conservatory restaurant during your wedding banquet.


The nearby coast is unspoiled and perfect for appreciating a growing tide during wedding celebrations!  Another great custom for the single female guests at the wedding was to pass a small piece of wedding cake through the new bride’s wedding ring three times.


This was meant to promote dreams of the single girl’s future husband during the night! Perhaps you might have a girlfriend who hasn’t found the one yet – so you need a lovely wedding cake to help her along! Traditional bakers like Ditty’s of Castledawson and Magherafelt in the north of Ireland, Barron’s Bakery in Cappoquin Co.Waterford, Hassett’s Bakery in Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Hickey’s Bakery in Clonmel Co. Tipperary, among others in our prestigious network,  are baking experts,  providing stunning cakes for all celebratory occasions.


You might just marry your friend off as a result of one of their gorgeous creations!  A modern custom at most weddings these days is to give all the guests a wedding ‘favour’ – something small at each place setting,  to remember the day for themselves.


Little chocolate boxes inscribed with the Bride and Groom’s name and wedding date, elegant bespoke customized chocolate bars or pouches of chocolate are favourite ideas.


Our prize-winning chocolatiers are the ones to consult for the best of Irish handmade artisan wedding favours.  Or you may wish to do something slightly different on the food side. Some of our artisan preserve makers will make special little pots of a favourite preserve,  labelled with the wedding couple’s names and dates etc. A delightful keepsake once the contents are all gone!


One of the unlucky customs of an Irish wedding is not to wear green!


This may well be the national colour, but it’s said to bring nothing but trouble to the marriage if the bride wears it on her wedding day. Avoid that one at all costs! However, a secret little horseshoe tucked somewhere among the bride’s outfit is very lucky – make sure it’s turned upwards so all the good luck stays inside! We suggest stitching it onto the traditional wedding garter a bride wears on her leg – nice to keep that tradition alive too!


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