Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat.  And the turkey and the duck.  Christmas Dinner may be the most famous and traditional meal of the year. But there are still some people who struggle with timings, organisation and basic preparation techniques. In other words, folk who could do with a bit of help to make this year’s meal a flawless feast. Christmas cooking also presents its own challenges for those following special diets or who may have guests who do so.

In our Christmas Events listings, we have two great cookery classes to help in both these situations. One will take you through traditional Christmas Dinner, using all the favourite ingredients of the festive season. The other is especially for  vegan or gluten free diets.  A festive Masterclass on how to create celebratory vegan and gluten free dishes,  packed with seasonal flavours for Christmas Day.

Read on to find out how you can cook like a chef for your guests this year…


We’ve got the very lady to instruct and guide you on making the perfect traditional Christmas Dinner. Nikki Walsh of Lady Eve Cookery employs her down to earth, friendly and no-nonsense approach to present The Full Monty Christmas Dinner Cookery Class. In the warm and friendly atmosphere of her own Donnybrook home kitchen, Nikki takes guests through all the essentials, from turkey and ham to the trimmings and accompaniments that make this meal so special.

Alongside the trad elements of the Christmas Dinner, you’ll leave with lots of tips for innovative extras to personalise your cookery repertoire. The evening begins with a glass of wine and presentation of recipe pack, before the cooking begins.  Class takes  tomorrow evening 3rd December, you can book here online on  the link above.


Festive foods are also on the menu at Corncupia, Dublin’s famous vegetarian and vegan cafe in the centre of town. On 7th December, the clever chefs at Cornucopia are giving a talk on preparing a Christmas dinner for vegan and gluten free diets. Festive flavours packed into exciting ideas and recipes from the expert chefs here, who specialise in the famous healthy vegetarian and raw food cooking which has been pleasing the Dublin population for many years. The talk is followed by a delicious three course meal,  which will definitely show the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Also included is a full recipe book and mulled wine to welcome you. Booking online on the above link