Did you see anyone climbing trees lately? Did they happen to be wearing a chef’s uniform? It’s okay – it’s quite normal! No – climbing trees isn’t how chefs relax after a busy day at the stove. Neither is it a form of bonding they need to share in order to ready themselves for culinary battle again. The boys in white are merely enjoying nature’s bounty. The elderflower crop has been good this year. Many a keen forager chef has taken to  scurrying up trees to bag a few flowers for himself. The lads at Brooks Hotel in Drury Street, Dublin, have done an extraordinarily good job of it! As a result of their dedication and giving up afternoons off to go foraging, Brooks Elderflower Cordial has made it onto the shelves. A beautiful bottle of natural cordial made from wild elderflowers. It’s light delicate tastes are super in summer. Water it down with sparkling water for a non alcoholic drink. Top it up with bubbly as an aperitif. That’s how they serve it in The Jasmine Bar at Brooks. Limited edition bottles are now for sale at the hotel. So you can come up with any number of variations on how to use it at home. A 500ml bottle with clasp top is just €4.95. Nature in a glass!