I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Especially in this hot weather! Ice cream is a cooler we all love when the sun shines. The Taylor family at Glastry Farm in County Down has been farming dairy cows since 1856. Centuries of history and experience. In 2007, the farm launched a range of farmhouse ice creams made from it’s own milk.  Since the launch, Glastry Farm Ice Cream  has  been receiving rave reviews and awards right left and centre. For this summer, a new taste that combines the richness of creamy Glastry milk with the punch of dark stout. Glastry Farm Belfast Black, with Irish Dry Stout, has been developed in conjunction with the Whitewater Brewery in the north of Ireland. This is a grown up taste! Serve it in a cone in the traditional way, or use it as dessert for a sassy dinner party. You can grab a tub at the Donnybrook Fair shops in Dublin. Black magic, we say!