Have you heard of the Freakshake? No? Neither had we till a couple of days ago! An article in the London Evening Standard caught our eye. Apparently, the freakshake hails from Australia. It’s a giant milkshake which is topped with lots of whipped cream and all sorts of goodies – chocolate brownies, cookies, pretzels, in fact anything that will sit on top of it! Takes a bit of getting through, we’d imagine! We looked up the word ‘freak’ just out of interest in the process of writing this article.  One of the definitions we found is ‘any abnormal phenomenon or product, or unusual object’. And by the looks of the pictures we’ve seen, that’s exactly what these giant shakes are!

According to the article, the first place to sell the idea of the Freakshake was Patissez bakery in Canberra But these calorie laden drinks have now apparently made their way across the world to reach our nearest neighbours in the UK. Freakshakes, according to the Standard, are now available in  The Great British Cupcakery in Newcastle. This cafe has introduced a ‘Geet Big Shakes Up North’ menu. What do you get if you order one? A full pint of milkshake with all sorts of additions  and some whacky catchy names! Inspired by the region, naturally. And being  in the north of England  of course it’s going to be served in a pint jar complete with handle! The Freakshake is all about upsizing and making a statement.  So what do you reckon? Will it catch on?

 It got us thinking that there are more than a few hip establishments in the Good Food Ireland membership who could be running with this Freakshake thing!  Using local milk and some seasonal flavours too! We’re thinking a strawberry shake with fresh berries, thick Irish cream and crushed meringue on top. A  green shake with real mint ice cream, adorned with fresh mint and some  big shards of the best dark chocolate from one our chocolate makers. Or perhaps a coffee shake finished with real handmade coffee truffles.  Mr Jeffares Blackcurrant Cordial could be used successfully in a pint of  fruity Freakshake – what would you top it with? Can you think of any others? This theme could run forever!

So there you are, we’ve thrown down the gauntlet! Are you up to the challenge, or do you wish to recommend a Freakshake recipe of your own? We wait to be astounded! Here’s one we thought of using our Good Food Ireland member produce. 

425mls milk

150mls Killowen or Glenilen Natural Yogurt

1 scoop Glastry Farm Chocolate and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

2 -3 tbsp whipped cream

4 Seymours Hazelnut and Chocolate cookies

  • Blend the milk, yogurt and ice cream together. 
  • Pour into a pint glass
  • Top with whipped cream
  • Stick the cookies on top!

And to add to our Irish Freakshake, here are a couple of other drinks ideas:

 Try a Mr Jeffares Blackurrants Smoothie, made with good Irish milk and natural yogurt, blended with a generous splash of cordial, some fresh or frozen blackcurrants and perhaps even a banana for extra energy and nutrients.

The famous Irish Coffee finishes a meal superbly! Find our recipe in the recipe listings.