How To Become A Chef – Advice From The Pros


For most chefs, cooking is a vocation, not just a job. It’s easy to see the Celebrity Chef A listers and think that anyone can do it, how easy does it look. But in general, most of the names you see on TV making it look easy have worked hard and long to become chefs and get where they are. Their television appearances are only the icing on the cake. They had to bake the cake first, if you will pardon our pun!

Most well established chefs started out as a trainee or commis chef,  on  the long road to becoming a chef . Most of them have shredded their knuckles using a sharp bladed mandolin to grate vegetables, or sliced their fingers down to the bone practicing knife skills. The criss crosses of burn scars on a chef’s inner arms may have come from reaching up to the top shelf of the oven, trying to lift out a tray of fresh baked bread rolls quickly before a busy dinner service – or perhaps from trying to retrieve an extremely hot and heavy copper pot from the back of an oven,  without spilling  it’s precious contents. These are the battle wounds most chefs carry like medals – they have been won in the name of perfection, professionalism, and general hard graft.

Good Food Ireland chefs are some of the most well respected chefs in the country. They are award winning and dedicated, not just to bringing good food to their customers, but to using the best of what is around their region to create it.

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