6 Sexy Irish Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs

6 Sexy Irish Foods
That Are Aphrodisiacs

Immediate Release - February 2023

Valentine’s Day is approaching. The Irish are well known for their ability to do the hearts and flowers thing. This nation is just a bunch of old romantics at heart. Anyone who’s ever shed a tear at the haunting tones of Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares to You, or swallowed a lump in the throat while nursing a broken heart listening to Shane McGowan singing Rainy Night in Soho will tell you that. I mean, how can any country produce song lyrics like these and not be prone to the love-struck disease?

So it will be no surprise that a few Irish foods are said to be aphrodisiacs. Do you know those things? They’re meant to get the pulse racing and the sap rising and whatnot. Put you in the mood for love. Go on you old softies, you know you’re dying to know what they are!


1. Oysters

No surprises here – oysters have been known the world over for their aphrodisiac qualities. Casanova is said to have eaten fifty oysters every day and we all know where that got him.


Ireland produces some of the best oysters in the world. Realt Na Mara oysters located in Co.Kerry are famous. They farmed in quiet Atlantic waters in the little coves on the Wild Atlantic Way in Kerry.


Eat them raw as they come, straight from the half shell, and feel the mood of lurve happening as you eat! Why is this? Because firstly they contain zinc, an important mineral for men, if you’re a fella it’s necessary to have zinc for obvious reasons, and oysters have had the reputation of being a food that provides it. So no wonder Casanova ate so many.


However, more modern research also links oysters to unique amino acids which are not available in supplement form. These aid production of testosterone in men, and progesterone in women. Both are sex hormones, and again their connection to oysters contributes to the reputation of the shellfish as an aphrodisiac.


2. Celery

Who’d have thought it? The crunchy sticks we use as the basis for stews and casseroles, make soup from, and chomp our way through stick by a stick in a crudités mix, is a sexy gourmet ingredient! What? You won’t look at a bunch of celery in the same light again now you’ve read that. Celery has phytoestrogens, the plant equivalent of testosterone, which is important for the male sex drive. Now you know. It’s said celery is at its best after a winter frost when it gets its crunch and all the minerals and nutrients are at their most potent. Now is a good time to eat it. Bring on the raw celery and dips on February 14th.


3. Salmon

Fresh salmon contains lots of Omega 3 fatty acids which have huge health properties. These fatty acids are linked to good heart health, but also to the production of sex hormones.


4. Kale

Seriously, it might look boring and green and not particularly inspiring to you. But its powerful antioxidants help keep blood vessels healthy and protect their linings, increasing blood flow and boosting good circulation. This is very important if you want to be a red hot lover! Seasonal kale soup is then, on Valentine’s night.


5. Chocolate

Now we’re talking. What girl can resist a bit of chocolate? It brings on the feel-good factor for a very good reason. It has natural stimulants for well-being and enhances mood. So fellas, if you want to put some passion into Valentine’s night, bring her a box of the finest chocolate you can find. You might want to check out our chocolate makers for that.


Praline – Pastry & Chocolate ShopThis little gem, located in Mitchelstown is owned and run by talented Pastry Chef & Chocolatier Norma Kelly. Praline offers a selection of sweet and savoury treats that are designed to tempt you.


The Chocolate Garden of Ireland – This family-owned company sells beautifully made chocolates. Their fresh cream range comes in Banoffee, dark cherry crème, dark Amaretto, along with lots of others. There’s also the perfect square Chocolate Caramel, gorgeous Irish whiskey truffles flavoured with Kilbeggan whiskey from Westmeath, champagne truffles, and mint crèmes.


Chez Emily Chocolates and CafeChez Emily has perfectly combined the oldest traditions of confectionery making with pure, natural Irish ingredients. Irish whiskey is used for the truffles, and Irish fruit pastes for the seasonal flavours, with more than 30 variations of chocolate available.


Koko of Kinsale – The Koko of Kinsale range of chocolate is an enticing balance of carefully crafted flavours with a wonderfully creative design and presentation. Koko chocolate gleams from their window display in the boutique shop front. Visitors wandering around this food-centric town, are no doubt drawn in to discover more about these lovely creations!


Wild Irish Chocolates –  If you are wild about chocolate, then you need to visit Wilde Irish Chocolates in East Clare.  They hand-make over 80 different yummy chocolates in their small artisan chocolate factory. Variations range from Triple Choc Chip and White Choc Mint to Irish Porter Fudge. That’s not the end of it though; they also make chocolate slices such as Rocky Road, Tiffin, Raspberry Caramel, and many more.


Doolin Chocolate Shop – Doolin Chocolate Shop is a family-owned chocolatier in Clare that uses only the best natural ingredients to create their artisan chocolates. As a local, rural business, they actively support tourism in the area. This small business has a huge range of handmade artisan bars, fudge, gift selection boxes and even sugar-free chocolate bars.


6. Honey

Natural and preferably organic Irish honey contains special phytochemicals which occur naturally in plants and aid the production of testosterone in men. Honey also contains boron which helps utilise Estrogen in women. Quite simply, honey is said to boost the libido of men and women. It’s fairly appropriate. Who hasn’t been introduced to the facts of life by their parents telling them an awkward story about birds and bees?


So there we have it. A fine seasonal Valentine’s Feast of oysters, salmon, kale, and celery awaits, finished with chocolate and Irish honey eaten out of the jar with a spoon. Love is definitely in the air!


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